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Doncaster Airport Transfers & Taxis

Doncaster is a famous town and is well known for its great contribution towards the Industrial revolution. The Robin Hood Doncaster Airport is around 29 miles from the Sheffield with the travel time of approximately 50 minutes and it would cost £35.00 in the region. An official taxi rank is available at the Robin Hood Airport in right in front of terminal building that is run by the Little Arrows. The taxis can get booked in advance or the booking can be done at the desk of Little Arrows which is located at the arrivals of the airport.

The black cab taxis are not available at the Robin Hood Airport. The only official taxis available for booking are of the Little Arrows and all the other local taxis need to be booked in advance; the passengers/customers cannot simply get into a taxi. Hackney carriages, which are also known as the black cabs are found circling the entertainment sports and train stations hoping for a quick fare. These can be convenient but cost more than £30 from the Doncaster centre to the Robin Hood Airport.

The taxis at the airport come in variety of sizes and shapes, ranging from the space wagons, to minibuses, to the good old streetcars. Several firms provide special cabs like a Rolls Royce, BMW and a Mercedes upon the request of the customers. But the elite chauffeurs are available to hire only from a few taxi companies at high costs. A no-frills ride of taxi to the Doncaster town centre from airport in the region costs £19 to £25 per car. It is only a guide price as distance between taxi base and airport would also be considered by the driver. It takes around 20 minutes providing that this service is based at least within 10 miles of airport. The corporate and premium services may charge the price of up to £70 for the short journeys as well.